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How Israel guards the security of the entire world

The Syrian reactor attack: The military and intelligence might of Israel has proved to be the most important deterrent for unstable and dangerous regimes and Islamist non-state actors with an apocalyptic ideology of destruction.

From the IDF to Hollywood: Krav Maga’s meteoric rise

The Israeli close-combat method shoulders its way into civilian life as the ultimate form of self-defense

Vietnamese commandos join int'l counter-terrorism exercise

Commandos from Vietnam had the opportunity to participate in an international anti-terrorist drill along with several other nations in Singapore on Monday

Meet the Elite: The special unit in Vietnam’s special task force

The soldiers in Unit 12 of Vietnam’s Commando Brigade 113 usually refer themselves the ‘special unit of the special task force’ – an elite team of stand-out solider specifically trained to counter terrorist activities.

Pháp cảnh báo tiếp tục không kích Syria

Ngoại trưởng Pháp tuyên bố mọi đợt tấn công bằng vũ khí hóa học tiếp theo của chính quyền Syria đều sẽ bị trừng phạt.