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Embassy Security

One area of specialty is the security of government institutions and public buildings. These facilities bring high level of daily traffic, in many cases these facilities contain many employees and some of them carry sensitive positions. This field requires special attention to details and sensitivity from T-Force, which assigns first class security guards.

TForce not only provde security service ,we are responsible for communication between the  diplomatic police and the embassy diplomatic , We cooperate with the diplomatic  police if it means organizing meetings, special requests, events and so on.

•Our security staff are trained in accordance with Israeli and Vietnamese  standards.

•We provide the best security specialists with valuable skills: anti-ambush, personal security, first aid, etc.

•Unique individual approach to each client and their requirements.

•Considerate of all possibilities and wishes of the client.

•Ensure confidentiality.

•Guarantee high quality security services 

All the training for  our vietnamese security guards who are working at the embassy is done by an Israeli instructor

T-Force employees are recruited for the company according to our strict regulations.

They are professionally-trained by experienced trainer from Israel. All training programs are authorized by the Ministry of Defense of Israel  and Vietnam .

They are well-equipped with modern technologies and supportive devices.