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Personal VIP Service

Our professional security team for VIP families will provide high-quality security services for any VIP and VIP families in Vietnam.


  • Personal and private security must be around the clock. VIPs must be accompanied by a bodyguard 24/7.

  • This type of service is suitable for public officials or private individuals.

  • Our security staff is available upon request anywhere in Hanoi, for specific events at any time or location.

  • Our security staff are trained in accordance with Israeli and Vietnamese  standards.

  • We provide the best security specialists with valuable skills: anti-ambush, personal security, first aid, etc.

  • Unique individual approach to each client and their requirements.

  • Considerate of all possibilities and wishes of the client.

  • Ensure confidentiality.

  • Guarantee high quality security services.


The Security Company operates in Vietnam and an additional branch abroad, and serves clients from the private, public and municipal sectors.

We work to custom-tailor modular solutions to client requirements and to the specific situation; this, while strictly maintaining full confidentiality and client privacy.

The Israeli - Vietnamese  Security Company operates as per the "value added" concept, whereby we can provide clients with complementary services, while leveraging our size advantage, in the various departments and branches, to provide solutions that arise during the process, or as per the client's changing requirements.