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Facility security service

We can provide services to ensure security for:

  • Construction Sites

  • Retail Operations

  • Hospitals & Nursing Homes

  • Apartment and Retirement Complexes

  • Banks

  • Government facilities

  • Industrial/Manufacturing Facilities

  • Transportation facilities

  • Hotels / resorts

  • Special Events

The company has a department including various teams specializing in security of different facilities. Each team will have a team manager whose duties are to guide and to train and to set the highest standards in this field.

Security Features

  • Security 24 \7.

  • Checks at the entrance, vehicles checks.

  • Patrol

  • Operation of complex security cameras

  • Cooperation with our elite unit, personal security that will not hesitate to help with any trouble.

Scans, Tests, Quality control

T-Force security services for facilities includes examining the type of building/area, character and size. Preparation of a detailed security plan, recommend the number of security guards, determine the security procedures and provide special training to those security guards, to answer special needs of security plan.

One area of specialty is the security of government institutions and public buildings. These facilities bring high level of daily traffic, in many cases these facilities contain many employees and some of them carry sensitive positions. This field requires special attention to details and sensitivity from T-Force, which assigns first class security guards.

Mission of the Security Guard in general

  • To ensure the security and safety of the area of the building.

  • Manage and control personnel and property.

  • Ensure all employees comply with rules and regulations issued by the Board of Management.

  • Regulations. Traffic regulation avoids congestion, accidents or release in an emergency.

  • Monitor and observe all personnel entering and exiting the building to detect and prevent suspicious cases and drunks, or signs of unauthorized abnormalities in the entrance to basement.

  • Ensure that all employees, guests and other personnel follow the rules and regulations set by the Board of Management.

  • Report to the Board of Management all cases of employees or guests that violate the rules and regulations of the Building. Promptly and timely report any incidents that may occur to support resolution.

  • Prevent employees or guests from using the property of the Building for personal use or bringing them into the Building without a permit from a competent authority.

  • Inspect people and bags in all suspected cases, prevent drunkards, drug users, and visitors bringing forbidden equipment into the building such as weapons, explosives or infectious substances.

  • Always have a polite attitude, professional behavior, serious posture, friendly to residents and guests.

  • Always follow discipline at work as well as ensure the professional behavior of security guards throughout the shift.

  • Strictly comply with the requirements and notifications of the Board of Management of the building within the scope of the rights and duties of the security guard and within the framework of Vietnamese law.

  • Raise awareness, avoid letting malicious people enter the building to theft, sabotage, disturbance.

  • Not to bring banned substances, explosive substances in accordance with the provisions of law and regulations.

  • Watch out, enter the building, note strangers; memorizing the appearance of residents living in the building.